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SMART Probes for Siebel

A ComTrade family of SMART Probes for Siebel delivers critical information about the Siebel availability and performance and is complemented with SPI for Siebel , which enables you to extend end-user experience management to Siebel backlogs. Check the white paper for the SPI for Siebel in real life!

SMART Probe for Siebel seamlessly integrates with SPI for Siebel. OVIS SMARTProbe for Siebel web clients seamlessly integrate with HP Internet Services (OVIS).

Efficiently Manage Siebel Customer and End-User Experience

SMART Probes for Siebel deliver insight, monitor, and manage the experience your customers and end users have with Siebel applications. With this information, the sources of customer and end-user experience issues are quickly found, confirmed, and isolated to individual customers and users.

Check how SMART Probes for Siebel can help you − download the evaluation version.


  • measurement for the dedicated Siebel clients and web clients
  • out of the box emulation for basic transactions
  • OVIS reports for availability, login, and transaction times
  • SMART Probes reports and graphs for transaction times and service level conformance by applications and users
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Operating Environments

SMART Probes for Siebel are compatible with Oracle Siebel CRM Applications and with HP Internet Services. Find out more on the product download page.

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